The valid point..

There was no point to fight,

not with urself,

not with him..

So, calm down…

Please calm down..

My mind, my eyes,my soul

refused to accept my words..

But dear,

there was no point to fight,

You were never equal..

You were in love ,

He wasnot..

A companion for life..🎎

Not alwys a lover u miss,
Sometimes u miss ur companion to whom u can tell anything.. Any secret..
Those people are priceless in life, who can go to any extent to make u happy,to make you comfortable, to fullfill all your needs, to chase all your dreams not to get anything in return..
But to make sure u r not alone in this entire world..a name is just a call away..
Perfection doesnot comes with a defination..
Perfect are those people in our life ,no not those who are capable of doing everything but those who are actually not capable but knows they can go to the end..who knows their true intentions..who knows how long thy can go and stay with u ..

A person with no complain, no expectation is rare.. A true friend is rare..A person whom u can count on except ur lover is rare
Being a friend is the toughest job..

Do you knw why we always idolize our parents love ?
Nope, a comparison is never a good choice ..
But one thing I realize about the purity of their love..they will always think of you before they think of themselves.. That is the purest form of love..

The greatest relation of your life comes with the biggest responsilibity..
U should always give the pure form of your love when u claim to be someone’s friend..
Because a true companion Who will walk miles with you is rare..


Kabhi mohabbat khud andhera bank aati hai,hum e ujalon se milane k lie..

Thoda alag hai, yeh bhi pta nahi ki pyar hai, sayd haan bhi aur sayad naah bhi..
Raasta alag hai, ahesas alag hai, najariya alag par zaruri toh nahi hai k har pyaar ka daastan ek ho..
Aur har mohabbat ek hi raang laaye..
Sayad thoda sa hai, sayad kam hai ..
Par iss pyaar me jo nam hai woh tera hi hai..

Tere khusiyoon ka pta mujhse bht dur hai.
Par tere har khusi se wasta hai mera..
Tere rishton k lehr me sayad mera naam kavi na aye ,
Par tere har rishton se rishta hai mera..
Thoda kam hai , par yehi mera pyaar hai..

Tere muskurahat apne khusi se v kimti kab ho gya pta nahi mujhe..
Apna pehchan mujhe yaad nhi aur..
Bass tera hi koi hissa hai mujhme ..
Thoda kam hai , par yehi mera pyaar hai..

Rishte tere swapno se jore hai, tere ansuon se,tere kamiyabi aur nakamiyabi se v..
Tere swapne ,tere apne, tere bachpana , tere pagalpan, tera gussa , tera manmani …
Mujhe sabse pyaar hai..
Thoda kam hai, par yeh jaan le k yeh tera hai..

Tere pyaar k kaahani bht pasand hai mujhe..apna sa lagta hai tera har kissa
Tere pyaar ko tere dil me hifazat rakhu
Yeh bhi toh pyaar hai..
Har pyar ek daastan nahi sunaati .. Aur har mohabbat ek hi rang nahi laati..
Kabhi khud andhera ban k aati hai,taki hum e ujalon se milaa de… Kabhi ka baar pyar aisa bhi hota hai……..